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released January 3, 2017

Recorded at Kollapse Studio in 2016 by Iván Ferro.

Labels: Discos Furia, Nooirax, Theia Records.

Artwork: Iria Alcojor.



all rights reserved


The Attack Of The Brain Eaters Madrid, Spain

We are three

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Track Name: The Maze
Frustated, isolated, can’t remember the day I got stucked in this place,
The path remains the same, can’t find the exit gate
Thick walls, built from our unknowledge, are keeping me inside their own reality
Same rules, new faces, the cycle starts again

Hallways are becoming the lobby, where people’s whispers claim to be seen
All people think the same, but nobody seems to care
Weak minds understanding no longer the sense of life beyond captivity
Don’t wanna be like them, someone resets this game!

Trying hard to stand up and make it through the day, like a phoenix rises from its ashes again
The clock is ticking, my thoughts are sinking

Longshot! as I plan to go further, leave all behind and be no more a machine
Bricks fall in front of me, they don’t wanna set me free
Hopeless, hold on to my last chances rage and anger perhaps may be the weapons to win
So close but yet so far, how long this war will last?

Trying hard to stand up and make it through the day, like a phoenix rises from its ashes again
The clock is ticking, my thoughts are sinking

Don’t stop, being, a machine
they want you to be week
Don’t stop, being, a machine
they want you to be meek
Track Name: Vikings
Breaking waves through the oceans
Yelling war songs in their white‐carved horns
Loudly, they move forward, like a windstorm
Greed is what it guides them, they learnt no more

Sharp swords stack the dead corps in the harbor
At nightfall fortress will collapse and fall
Flawless, in a world reigned by disorder
Vikings are claiming the crown

Running through the alleys, burning churches
There’s no place for faith when they slay your god
Frightened little children going nowhere
Better off be quiet when they approach your door

Any trace of your past soon will be gone
Banished without mercy from where you belong
Graveyards as the shelters for the damned souls
Vikings are claiming the crown
Track Name: El Bastión
Sin llegar a la guerra
Cedimos el bastión
Derribaron las puertas, ignorando nuestra humilde opinión
Se hicieron fuertes, anhelando el sillón
Desde donde ahora imponen, unos dogmas que ninguno creyó

¡Cedimos el bastión!

Condenaron a la gente a dejar de pensar
Dejando un abrupto abismo de cabezas que reutilizar
Tu mente queda absuelta, del derecho a opinar
Vendiendo directrices, a plazo fijo, todos a comprar

¡No hay que negociar!

Ruido en las calles, son el foco de acción
el oleaje comenzó
Sin revuelta no hay opción, el diálogo acabó
Sus palabras suenan huecas, no hacen uso de razón

Alineados con pasión, esgrimiendo el rencor
que hace tiempo que mantienes a resguardo del traidor
La gran antorcha se encendió avisando al escuadrón
La batalla es inminente y ya tenemos perdedor
Track Name: Mad Ride
Driving down the hills, the swamp smells like gasoline
Leaving gold wheat behind, big fields of nothing run by my side

The road is steep as hell, head out to breath the air,
the speed is dragging me into a new reality,
don’t pull me out this time, my brain starts to feel the rush

Drowned beneath the stones, no trace of green since long ago
I’m close to approach the goal, the black hole is what I’m looking for

I slip throughout the gates, I can barely see the end, dark’s turning into shine making my eyes go blind,
no need to see the road as we are gliding down the slope

Brake system ain’t alright, but steering wheel works fine, that’s pretty much I need this time
Mad ride is what I seek, slow-motion is not for me,
road tar is what I use to drink

The rain is on me, green mountains host me
Passengers screaming on the back
Nightmare is over, warm sheets are closer
You can feel safe at least tonight